Twitter is a huge part of any internet business as you can get instant feedback from your twitter followers apart from having your content shared across the web via the hash tag feature employed by twitter. It is thus very important to have a twitter widget for your Joomla site that will work very well to effectively manage your twitter account and also display your current tweets well. The twitter slider widget for Joomla has a number of features that come in handy in helping you manage your tweets and twitter followers. The twitter slider widget allows you to choose between single and multi user tweet display to make the display of your tweets that much better and tidier.

The widget can also be used as a micro blogging tool that can be quite effective when you have a lot of things to say and may want to use twitter to air your views or concerns. Apart from just using it for the purpose of displaying your tweets, you can use the twitter slider widget with other tasks such as announcing to the world that you are looking for a job via twitter and have your friends and twitter followers help you find the job, so it is a widget that can be used for personal purposes as well as to help manage your twitter business needs.

It can also be used to bring you the latest news instantly because the twitter slider widget for Joomla works as a news tracker to enable you get the latest news on your Joomla site instantly and very efficiently. Since the widget helps you manage your twitter feed and followers very well, you can use the widget as a planner for events and get together with your friends thanks to the ability to create conference like text messages using the widget. This means that you can invite all your friends to an event that you may be hosting by just sending one test message.

The twitter slider widget also has a search option that allows you to look for the latest information on the latest news and movies as well as stay update with all the entertainment news just by easily entering a search term and clicking on search. You can also group the search results into your favorites that you can revisit anytime. This widget works well to make your life easier, whether you use for business purposes or for your personal needs. The widget is customizable in any way that you may want and is compatible with the many browsers out there such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Safari.

The twitter slider widget will help you not only manage your twitter followers and feed for your business and look good on your site but will also offer a range of other features that are designed to make your life a lot easier and more fun. The many features make the twitter slider widget a must have for any Joomla site.