Enhance Business with the Facebook Slider Widget

Facebook is currently the world’s most popular social networking site, seeing some 1.15 billion people with an account, and nearly 699 million of those individuals are active on the site each day. Facebook isn’t only for teens wishing to socialize with their peers. If you are a business owner yet to jump in on the Facebook phenomenon, what are you waiting for?

 Making your presence known on Facebook is the easiest way to quickly build a name for your brand, as well as to build your profits and credibility with consumers. You can use Facebook to post photos, status updates, videos, contests –the possibilities are endless. As you gain fans, they’ll share your posts with others who will also discover and share your brand with those on their friends list. Facebook is certainly a never-ending business marketing platform for the serious business owner.

The Facebook Slider Widget

With the Facebook Slider Widget on your website, gaining more customers and fans is simple and easy. The Facebook Slider Widget is easily placed on your website and enables you, as well as all of the vistors to your site the chance to see what is going on with your Facebook page. This makes it easy to get more likes on your page, as well as to respond to comments, likes and more.

What is the Facebook Slider widget you may ask? This Facebook widget is available for those using Joomla Module websites. It is available at no cost on the Joomla Module. When you download the widget it can easily be added to your site as a box slider. It is simple and easy to configure and takes only a short time period to do . People can simply hover over the Facebook icon and the slider pops it up, showing your current FB newsfeed and enabling instant action and engagement from all. It takes up very little space on your site but provides a ton of benefits.

Widget Features

Take a look at all of the wonderful features that you will find with the Facebook widget:

  • The Facebook Slider Widget can be configured on the Joomla Module Admin Backend.
  • The Widget for Facebook can easily be customized to your specifications, including for the length and the height
  • Numerous Facebook customization features including Color Scheme, headers and borders, show faces and many others.
  • Can enable for jQuery
  • Easy for users
  • Instant access to Facebook newsfeed
  • It takes only seconds to download and install the Facebook Slider Widget

Do not miss out on the Facebook Slider Widget upon joining in on the Facebook fun. It will help you spread the word about your business like no other form of marketing can and enable everyone to come together as one big community –just what you want when you want your business to excel. If you use Facebook it is a must that you also use the Slider and benefit yourself as well as consumers and customers alike.












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