Rules that twitter users need to be aware of

Social media is a general term for platforms where people join to address various issues. Some join the platforms to get daily news updates, keep friends posted on the occurrences in their lives, and many other reasons. In modern times, a very large population are on social media. There are a variety of Social media platforms today where people can join. Some of them include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to name but a few. There are rules that govern these social networks to ensure that they run smoothly. As a user, you need to be well conversant with the rules. Here are some of the Twitter rules you need to be aware of as an active user.

1. Safety rules

These are rules meant to ensure the safety of all Twitter users.

  • Violence. Violence is an act that is prohibited on this platform. Users should make sure that their posts and tweets do not promote any violent activity directed to any individual or group. If you tweet anything that leads to violence, your account faces suspension and possible closure.
  • Terrorism -All your tweets on the media platform should be free from any terrorist behavior. Some tweets are aimed at promoting terrorist attacks and are not allowed on Twitter. This will ensure that people are safe.
  • Child sexual exploitation- Anything that leads to sexual harassment of minors is prohibited on Twitter.
  • Abuse and harassment- As a twitter user, you should not abuse or harass anyone. Also inciting others to harass a person is prohibited. Any tweet that may lead to harm a person physically is not allowed.
  • Hateful conduct- Tweets that are meant to spread hate on twitter are not allowed. Such tweets may discriminate a person on the basis of their ethnicity, skin color, gender, sexual orientation and also nationality. It also includes violent threats sent through direct messages.
  • Illegal goods and services- Sale and exchanging of goods that are illegal are prohibited on twitter. Unlawful activities are not allowed on twitter and may attract consequences if carried out. All transactions should be within the law.
  • Adult content -Twitter rules do not allow any adult and sexual content to be posted. Graphic content that can result in sexual violence or assault is not allowed.
  • Suicide. Anything posted on Twitter should not in any way promote suicide or self-harm of a person.

2. Privacy Rules

There are rules that ensure that a person’s privacy is not infringed.

  • Private information -Information that is considered private should not be posted for the public to see. It includes a person’s phone number or even address. This information should not be published since it may lead to the insecurity of the person.
  • Non-consensual nudity. As a twitter user, you are not allowed to publish, tweet, or share any intimate content without the consent of the person.

3. Authenticity Rules.

  • Election integrity – You should not tweet any information that may undermine the elections. This includes posts that may cause voters not to turn out in numbers or even misleading information concerning election venues.
  • Impersonation- Impersonating person or groups with the aim of deceiving people is not condoned. This does not affect people who have the same names but no common profile.
  • Copyright trademark- The trademark and copyright policy does not allow you to violate other people’s intellectual property rights.

4. Twitter inactive account policy

Once you create your twitter account, you are required to keep it active. The activity of the account is achieved by logging in to the account regularly. Long periods of about six months without logging in the account may cause your account to be de-registered.